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Last Update: 08.16.02

You're probably wondering where the maps actually are. You came here to see maps, right? Well, the "maps" part is a work in progress. My intention is to present schematic drawings of the rail lines and the cities they travel through. I will be doing this in AutoCAD based on the maps shown below. Check back in a while and you may be presently surprised. In the interim, I give you just the covers of each.

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
Here is the front of a Rock Island map I have, dated August of 1974, a year before RI declared bankruptcy. This is the first RR map in my collection.


The map lists the below address as an office of the Rock Island serving the DFW area. On a rainy Sunday afternoon when I had nothing better to do, I went in search of this office to see what was there today. I found the office building, but to my dismay, the suites were numbered 510, 511, 512, 518, 519... Suites 513 - 517 were MIA, so after walking around the entire building (in the rain, mind you), I gave up my search and went home. I'm tempted to call the phone number given and see who answers...

Rock Island DFW Office
2719 Avenue "E" East
Suite 515
Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 265-5156

Erie & Lackawanna
This is a picture of my Erie & Lackawanna System Map, the 2nd RR map in my collection. I believe this is a 1970 map, two years before EL's downfall.

EL | timetable

This map lists the below address as an office of the Erie Lackawanna serving the DFW area. I thought this was strange since the closest rails to Dallas that EL owned were in Chicago. Yet, here they have a listing for a Dallas office. No phone number was given. When I get out to downtown Dallas and find this address (as well as the address for Pennsy's office), I'll document what I saw.

Erie Lackawanna DFW Office
1509 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Norfolk Southern
While this is the 3rd map in my collection, it is the first map that features a railroad that is still in operation (unlike the previous two "fallen flags"). The map is dated 2001.


This is the fourth map of my collection, dated 10/86. I was particularly interested in this map due to Conrail's NYC and PRR heritage.


This map lists the below address as an office of Conrail serving the Southwestern US. While the office is located in Houston, I haven't had a chance to make a trip down there. Next time I'm in the area, I'll see what I can find.

Conrail Southwest US office
330 Meadowfern Drive
Suite 117
Houston, TX 77067
(713) 872-0766

Chicago & Northwestern
This here is the fifth map of my collection, dated 03/93. No TX offices were listed.

CNW | other

Chesapeake & Ohio
This is the 6th map of my collection, and is not dated. However, the format of the phone numbers listed dates the map to pretty old!

C&O | timetable | autoferry timetable

This map lists the below address as an office of the Chesapeake & Ohio serving the DFW area. Unfortunately, I can't find any reference to an "Irwin-Keaseler" building in Dallas, but I'll keep my eyes open. Also, no zip code was given.

Chesapeake & Ohio Dallas office
505 Irwin-Keasler Bldg.
Dallas, TX
Phone: "Propsect 7-7201"

One final note of interest: besides the usual Canadian listings for offices that are outside the U.S., this map lists an office in Stockholm, Sweden!

Pennsylvania Railroad
This is the 7th map in my collection, dated 9-48.

PRR | switch lamp

Below is the address for Pennsy's "Passenger Representative" office given on the map for Dallas. Looking at the address for the Erie Lackawanna's office, I may be able to kill two birds with one stone. Once I get a chance to visit there, I will let you know what happens.

Pennsylvania Railroad Dallas office
1307 Southwestern Life Building
1506 Main Street
Dallas, TX
Phone: Central 9303

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
This railroad is probably more well known by its famouns name, the Milwaukee Road. This line was famous for its Hiawatha trains, pulled by the 4-4-0s with 72" drivers! Map is dated 3-1-73.

CMStP&P | timetable

Here is the address for Milwaukee Road's "Sales and Service Office" given on the map for Dallas. These RR offices listed in downtown seem to be listed within close proximity to each other. I wonder if that's on purpose?

Sales and Service Office
1309 Main Street
Room 1305
Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: 742-5519 (A/C 214)

New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad
Something about the Nickel Plate has always fascinated me. Looking at the map, turns out this RR has only limited presence in its first geographic namesake, New York state. This map is dated March, 1957. Included with a list of offices is Dallas, TX, but no address was given.


Union Pacific Railroad
This 1971 map shows UP a couple of years before it nearly doubled in size, due to its acquisition of Texas & Pacific and Southern Pacific (along with a few others). Union Pacific is probably the most appropriate RR name, due to the fact that it literally is a "union" of many, many fallen flags.

UP | timetable

No DFW offices are listed (nor are any, for that matter).

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